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70s Retro Huslter, Gambler, Coke Head

In this scene, Danny’s girlfriend threatens to leave him if he doesn’t win the game of pool. Lead Actor: Wes Davis from Oklahoma. This demo reel footage is copywritten and for demo reel purposes only.

Lead Horror / Thriller

Jonathan’s mother calls worried about the storm coming in and doesn’t want to be alone. Lead Oklahoma Actor: Wes Davis. This footage is copywrite protected and for demo purposes only.

Apocalypse Father Figure

Scene between man and a little girl he’s been looking out for. They are on the run, tired, and almost out of options. Footage is for demo reel purposes only.

Mental Health

This character is being treated for mental health and memory problems, but he’s in prison for a murder he doesn’t remember happening.

70s Character - Cop / Gambler / Mobster

Mustache Man

vintage / retro / comedy character
Oklahoma Actor Wes Davis

Beard Guy

detective character / criminal
Wes Davis 2024 Actor Headshot

Romance Guy

caring / clean / romantic interest

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